YNPN’s Stance on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We believe that our social ills are caused by inequities in access to the basic resources and benefits of a democratic society. These inequities are based on discrimination against various groups by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities.

We also believe that a diverse and powerful social sector can address these inequities.  As we state in our Theory of Change, we believe that a diverse and powerful social sector requires:

  • Activated leaders who are thoughtful and effective changemakers that bring creativity and fresh perspectives to solving our communities’ most intractable social problems;

  • People with an understanding of power dynamics and the systematic, historical and cultural context in which they are trying to make change;

  • Networks that facilitate working across institutions and bring diverse groups of people together to achieve common goals;

  • Research, writing, and speaking that challenges the systems that hold us back and consistent engagement with a variety of ideas and approaches.

Simply put, advancing true equity requires us to understand and effectively work across difference.

Read our full stance on equity, diversity, and inclusion here.

Our Story

Early in 2014, YNPN National determined that one way to clearly affirm our commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion was to develop an official statement of what EDI means to us and what we will do to promote it to and beyond our networks.  A small committee of board members and staff began developing this statement in July 2014 and received input from the wider board. In addition to board input, a feedback session held with YNPN Baltimore during the October 2014 board retreat, which highlighted additional work needed to deepen YNPN’s stance on EDI.

In February and March 2015 coinciding with the onboarding of a new board class, YNPN National devoted significant time during our National board retreat and meetings to understand our EDI theory of change and the strategies we wish to pursue to activate our network around these issues.


YNPN National EDI Advisory Committee

The EDI Advisory Committee is a committee made of chapter leaders, YNPN National Board Members and fellows. The EDI Advisory Committee focuses on the following priorities:

  1. Resources Committee: Educating and training YNPN members and offering intentional spaces for discussion.

  2. Metrics/ Data Committee: Gathering data through members and chapters about the state of the sector and measuring our own progress on EDI.

  3. EDI Reader: Leveraging our communications platform to model the change we want to see in the sector.

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