What are the services offered under the Chapter OS structure?


Under the affiliation agreement, YNPN National agrees to the following: 

Adhere to Data Policy:

Provide Technological Infrastructure

  • NationBuilder

  • Communications tools (ie. Google groups, Maestroconference )

Training and Peer Learning Spaces

  • National Conference

  • Workshops and trainings led by YNPN National and/or national experts

  • Program Xchanges

  • Technical Assistance for chapters

  • Leaders site and resource library

DevelopTools for Data and Impact Measurement

  • Shared standards

  • Impact indicators

  • Aggregated Data

  • 1:1 Technical Assistance

Leverage the Size of the Network to Negotiate Premium Pricing for Goods & Services

  • YNPN National is currently working with a national nonprofit broker to negotiate an umbrella policy for Directors & Officers Insurance that will cover local chapters*

  • YNPN National is currently working with a national nonprofit broker to negotiate access to premium pricing for chapters to directly purchase general liability insurance*

  • Access to branded merchandise for purchase and revenue generation

(*Anticipated access: Q4 2015/Q1 2016)

Provide Connection to the YNPN Network and Brand

  • Framing and Guiding Documents, like the Theory of Change and Five Pillars of Leadership Development, and Branding and Messaging guides

  • Media and public relations work done by YNPN National on behalf of the network that raises visibility of YNPN (examples: partnerships with NPQ, coverage in Stanford Social Innovation Review and Chronicle of Philanthropy, speaking at national conferences and events)

 Offer Professional Development Opportunities Specifically for Chapter Leaders

  • Opportunities that occur through participation in the work of the National network: Access to training and resources, participation in Chapter Congress or other specialized work, opportunities to speak at the National Conference

Provide Continuity and Knowledge Management

  • Being a volunteer-run organization means that all chapters experience highs and lows in their chapter leader engagement and activity.  Connection with the national network and technology platform means that if your chapter experiences a lull in activity - planned or unplanned - you have outside support to keep you going and a place to keep your data in the meantime.

How will the Chapter OS be different from what YNPN currently offers?


Access to the NationBuilder database and content management system is going to provide chapters with an integrated database and website that will allow chapters and National to more effectively manage and engage members and measure impact. In addition to acquiring and setting up NationBuilder, we’ll also be adding new services like D&O insurance.

Additionally, we’ll be making improvements to existing services like the leaders site, the National Conference, and our learning and knowledge sharing platforms.

Can chapters utilize the Chapter OS services on an a la carte basis?


Services will not be available a la carte. The Network Investment fee is based on the premium pricing for services such as Nationbuilder - that we are only able to access by leveraging our numbers. A la carte services would weaken this leverage and would also create an administrative burden at both the national and local level.  

Our goal is to work closely with chapters to identify the services that would be most useful to them, with a particular focus on services where the scale of the network provides a negotiating and price advantage over what chapters would be able to acquire on their own.