YNPN Chapter Leader Newsletter - May 2019

YNPN Chapter Leader Newsletter - May 2019

Allow me to quick introduce myself, I'm Kevin Peterson and I serve as the Chapter Support Fellow for YNPN! I am here to be

 a resource for you so please feel free to reach out to me at chaptersupport@ynpn.org with any questions you may have. Currently, I am based out of West Michigan and if you ever find yourself in the area I would gladly grab coffee and talk about all things YNPN, nonprofit board governance, or my two dogs - Cooper & Jaxson.

One last thing then I'll let you get on to reading this glorious newsletter, please help your fellow board members receive updates from national by ensuring that they register on the leaders site here, thank you!

We recently happened upon this list of wonderful nonprofit jokes from the Whole Whale, while they are all great, one clearly stands above the rest:

Why did the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s corporate gift bounce?
It was tearable.

Thank you for being patient with our humor and as we sort out our newsletter challenges. We're in the process of switching from MailChimp to NationBuilder for the newsletter and we hope that this switch will help us ensure that our communications are consistent and reliable. 

That being said, we've got a lot coming down the pipeline in the next few months and we're excited to engage with you all!

In this month's newsletter you'll find an update on:

  • The affiliation agreement think-tanks
  • National board member outreach
  • The National Leaders Institute 
  • Upcoming programming

Thank you to those that have already reached out and expressed interest in participating in the affiliation agreement think-tank! We're looking to start scheduling the think-tank sessions starting in late-May/early-June. If you would like to be an active participant in these conversations please reach out to chaptersupport@ynpn.org by the end of the day Sunday, May 19.

Our board members are looking forward to connecting with you! Board members will start reaching out to the chapter email addresses listed on your affiliation agreement. We are hoping to schedule these at times that are convenient for you and your whole board. So please be on the look-out for their email and learn more about the board members here: http://www.ynpn.org/national_board

We're getting ready to launch the official Leaders Institute webpage for 2019! Be sure to check out our conference sponsor, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Civic Scholars Program, and a huge thank you to YNPN Chicago for welcoming us to their community!

Join us on August 10-12 and engage in peer-led workshops, one-on-one career coaching, and deep dive sessions around equity, diversity, inclusion, network leadership, and YNPN strategy.

Oh and there is one surprise in store...let's just say we're not throwing away our shot to experience some quality theater while in Chicago!

Looking for more ways to engage beyond the conference? We'll you're in luck, we have more programming on the way! 

We're also looking to revive the program x-changes and will post updates as sessions are finalized. If you're looking to share your chapter's knowledge let us know by reaching out to chaptersupport@ynpn.org!


Thank you all for your work and contributions to your chapters!

And a happy birthday to YNPN Cleveland, congratulations on 10 years!