Why have a shared platform?


I bet someone has asked you how YNPN makes an impact. You may have chapter level data available to say what YNPN does in X city, but we don’t have any way to pull together data from all the chapters and to make data-based decisions or share what we’re learning with the sector. In short, we can’t tell the story of YNPN, and our members, unless we have a way to collect and pull cohesive data.

That data will allow us to measure the impact of what we do across the nation and demonstrate how we are an important force in creating a diverse and powerful social sector.

One important note: each chapter will retain ownership of their own database, with National having the ability to pull data across all the chapters. (I.E. YNPNdc won’t have access to YNPN Birmingham’s data and vice versa. But, National can aggregate data).

Read the YNPN data policy here