What is YNPN National and What Do We Do?

YNPN National is the term we use within our network when we’re referring to the National Board and staff.

YNPN National’s board of directors are all volunteers committed to building the nonprofit sector and providing young nonprofit professionals with the necessary tools to help them advance in their careers. Many of them are or have been chapter leaders and the majority identify as young nonprofit professionals. To learn more about our National Board members, visit the Board of Directors page on our site.

In 2011, YNPN appointed its first National Director and in 2014, YNPN added our second full-time staff member. Learn more about the YNPN staff here.

The YNPN staff also includes our Launchpad Fellows, who are young professionals who do important work with the staff on a part-time basis. Visit the staff page on our site to meet our current Launchpad Fellows. To learn more about the Launchpad Fellowship program generally, see our Launchpad Fellowship overview.

YNPN National plays several key roles in the network:

  • Setting a vision, naming values, articulating standards, and measuring impact for the network

  • Providing support, resources, peer-learning spaces, and infrastructure for chapters and chapter leaders

  • Amplifying the voices of young nonprofit professionals and modeling the change we want to see in the sector

  • Fundraising and developing revenue strategies to support the network financially

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