Tell your YNPN Story (and raise some money while you're at it!)

Tell your YNPN Story (and raise some money while you're at it!)

For the last two years, YNPN National has held an annual giving campaign to raise funds to support the work of the network. We know that raising funds is on the minds of many chapters as we continue the affiliation process and begin collecting the Network Investment Fee from chapters for the first time.

But affiliation is not just about financial contributions--it's also about closer collaboration between chapters and National. In that spirit and to help chapters raise additional funds, we're inviting chapters to participate in this year's national individual giving campaign.

We want to tell you a little more about the campaign and why we think this is a great opportunity for the network to "grow the pie" and generate resources for chapters and National.

Where are they now?

Over the past several months YNPN has been profiling alumni from across our network who have been deeply engaged in shaping the YNPN we know and love today.  As it turns out, while they were busy building YNPN, YNPN played a significant role in building who they are as leaders.  The stories we've been sharing are building up to the launch of our "Where are they now?" individual giving campaign this June.

There are two ways for you to contribute to the campaign:
  1. Share your YNPN story!
    As each of these alumni has reflected on their leadership journeys, we invite you to do the same.  We’ve all had the moment where we thought -- wow, this would not have been possible without YNPN!  Share your story of that new job you got, that leadership development opportunity you had, that mentor or colleague you met and any other experiences with YNPN that have shaped the leader you are today and the leader you are striving to be.  Just think: where will you be in 5-10 years?  Reach out to to see how your YNPN story can be featured or get ready to share on social media in June.

  2. Form a fundraising team for your chapter!
    We’re trying something we’ve never done before and inviting chapters to participate in the campaign by forming a fundraising team. We want to support your fundraising efforts by using our capacity to provide you with tools to engage individual donors in your community. Our goal is to hand you a ready-made campaign so all your chapter has to do is execute it or add your own special touch! 

    Your chapter will retain 60% of what you raise during the campaign, with 30% going to YNPN National for management of the campaign and 10% going to cover the administrative fees.  It’s an opportunity to engage your members and alumni in the conversation about how YNPN has impacted their leadership journey, support YNPN’s work nationally, and raise money for your chapter.
For more nuts and bolts on how your chapter can participate in the campaign, please see the 2016 Annual Giving Campaign Overview and contact us at to sign up.

We're excited to hear your YNPN stories and hope you and your chapter will join us in this network-wide fundraising effort!