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  • Overview of YNPN Structure
  • What chapters can expect from YNPN National 
  • Local Chapters and National Affiliation
  • Network Investment
  • Chapter Affiliation Levels


Overview of YNPN Structure

YNPN national and YNPN local chapters work collaboratively to further the mission of the organization and provide unique opportunities for young nonprofit professionals that would otherwise not be available. 

YNPN National

YNPN National is a grassroots organization that emerged from and is run by members of the population it serves. YNPN national believes there is a place for YNPN in every community and works to strengthen the nationwide vibrancy of the nonprofit sector and assist young people in pursuing dynamic and rewarding careers in nonprofit organizations.  YNPN represents the voice of the next generation of nonprofit leaders at a national level and works with funders, policymakers, and other nonprofits to improve working conditions and professional opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

YNPN Staff

YNPN National Staff Roles

Executive Director (also known as National Director)

In 2011, YNPN appointed its first National Director, Trish Tchume. Trish was introduced to the YNPN in 2004 as a founding board member of the Philadelphia chapteran affiliate group called Philadelphia’s Young Nonprofit Leaders. Before becoming the National Director, Trish served as a YNPN National board member from 2007 through 2011.

Communications and Network Engagement Director 

Data Systems Director

Meet the staff here

YNPN Board

The YNPN national board of directors consists of a diverse group of individuals from around the country, with a variety of nonprofit experience.  The vast majority of directors were involved on the boards of local chapters before getting involved with YNPN national. 

Meet the board here.

What Chapters can Expect from YNPN National

Provide Technological Infrastructure

  • NationBuilder

  • Communications tools (ie. Google groups, Maestroconference )

Training and Peer Learning Spaces

  • National Conference

  • Workshops and trainings led by YNPN National and/or national experts

  • Program Xchanges

  • Technical Assistance for chapters

  • Leaders site and resource library

DevelopTools for Data and Impact Measurement

  • Shared standards

  • Impact indicators

  • Aggregated Data

  • 1:1 Technical Assistance

Leverage the Size of the Network to Negotiate Premium Pricing for Goods & Services

  • YNPN National is currently working with a national nonprofit broker to negotiate an umbrella policy for Directors & Officers Insurance that will cover local chapters

  • YNPN National is currently working with a national nonprofit broker to negotiate access to premium pricing for chapters to directly purchase general liability insurance

  • Access to branded merchandise for purchase and revenue generation

Provide Connection to the YNPN Network and Brand

  • Framing and Guiding Documents, like the Theory of Change and Five Pillars of Leadership Development, and Branding and Messaging guides

  • Media and public relations work done by YNPN National on behalf of the network that raises visibility of YNPN (examples: partnerships with NPQ, coverage in Stanford Social Innovation Review and Chronicle of Philanthropy, speaking at national conferences and events) 

Offer Professional Development Opportunities Specifically for Chapter Leaders

  • Opportunities that occur through participation in the work of the National network: Access to training and resources, participation in Chapter Congress or other specialized work, opportunities to speak at the National Conference

Provide Continuity and Knowledge Management

  • Being a volunteer-run organization means that all chapters experience highs and lows in their chapter leader engagement and activity.  Connection with the national network and technology platform means that if your chapter experiences a lull in activity - planned or unplanned - you have outside support to keep you going and a place to keep your data in the meantime.

Local Chapters and National Affiliation

Chapter Operating System

The Chapter Operating System (OS) came about in 2014, as YNPN went through unprecedented growth and needed to address chapters' growing need for infrastructure and resources.

The Chapter OS aims to strengthen the YNPN network by providing local chapters with shared infrastructure and upgraded resources and operational support from YNPN National. These resources, along with a clear affiliation agreement between local chapters and YNPN National, will allow us to operate effectively and continue to be a leader in the sector and a reliable, accessible, effective leadership development space for young professionals.

There are four key components to the Chapter Operating System:

  • Clear affiliation between local chapters and National, which allows YNPN chapters to operate independently but with the support and resources of a national network.
  • Shared data platform through NationBuilder, which allows for effective engagement and impact measurement at the local and national levels.
  • Upgraded services that support chapter work, including capacity building services through an enhanced leaders site, technical assistance programs, and upgrades to current programs like the National Conference & Leaders Institute.
  • Shared membership & investment that gives the YNPN network greater financial autonomy and keeps it sustainable.

National Affiliation Structure 

YNPN chapters are separate legal entities from YNPN National and will be treated as such in terms of finances and general liability. However, YNPN Local chapters are expected to formally affiliate with YNPN National through an affiliation agreement.

Affiliation with YNPN National entails local chapters to shared technological platform and database, a space for training and peer-learning, connection to YNPN branding, tools for data and impact measurement.

In return, YNPN chapters agree to a basic set of standards [LINK] necessary for a strong network and a strong chapter that can serve its members and community.  

The Network Investment 

Max Revenues

Network Investment














How chapters raise these funds is up to each chapter. It can be done via your current budget, donations from your chapter membership, new grants requests, etc. We will do our best to help you take on new approaches via support from others who have successfully done so in the network.As part of the affiliation agreement process in 2015, chapters will pledge their network investment for 2016 through 2017.  These funds will then be collected at two points during each year, in June and in December, via Nationbuilder payment processing. 

Chapters can also choose to contribute above and beyond their network investment fee by: 

  • Naming an amount higher than their estimated budget cap
  • Contributing to YNPN National’s annual fundraising drive
  • Declining their annual conference stipend (but still attending, of course!)

Start-Up Chapters will contribute to the network investment fee once they are recognized as a Novice Chapter. 

Start Up Chapters

Local groups that are in the process of forming or maturing are termed Start Up chapters. To become a start-up chapter, you need to have completed the startup interest form and made a commitment to developing a chapter in your area. 


Chapter Affiliation Levels





Network Leader

Meet startup requirements around chapter leadership and basic infrastructure





Using Nationbuilder as CRM & CMS





Making Network Investment





Defined membership





Legal Status





Bank Account





Signed MOU with National and the network



Signed Affiliation Agreement





2+ years as part of the network




Maintaining basic levels of chapter programming, infrastructure, and network contributions





Maintaining exceptional levels of chapter programming, infrastructure, and network contributions*




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