Other Website Resources

This is a list of resources related to website development:

Learn More HTML


Visual Communications Resources

Stock Photo Sources

  • StockUp (Free stock image site)

  • Death to the Stock Photo (Free stock image site that delivers monthly themed packages of really gorgeous, free-to-use photos)

  • New Old Stock (Free vintage images in the creative commons that sometimes have a modern look and feel)

  • Startup Stock Photos (Free stock photos of young people working with whiteboards and computers--very hip co-working feel)


Photo and Image Editing Tools That are FREE

  • Google Drawings (Google Support Document)

    • Don’t have Photoshop or another image editing tool? You can do a lot of fun graphic manipulation just with Google Draw (included with your Drive tools)

  • Picresizer (website)

    • Shrink your massive photos down by pixels or percentage of size

Everything Else

  • NationBuilder Knowledgebase (Document)

    • This document contains a lot of odds and ends. Can’t find it in other docs? It just might be in here.

  • 300 Awesome Free Things: A massive list of free resources you should know (If you are working with a website for a nonprofit, and you are, you need to have this bookmarked!!! It is the best resource for so many free web-apps to improve your user’s experience)

  • HTMLiveCode.com (website)

    • Looking to copy and paste your code someplace to check for broken tags, funky things going on with copying/pasting text, etc? Copy code in the left box. Red code usually means an error.

    • Will render your simple HTML code on the right hand side.

  • Trello (web app)

    • SUPER sweet, free, easy to use tool to organize complex projects (like building your website!!)

    • Used by one of your NIC’s working teams--proven life changer in an editorial department.