How will the Network Investment be determined and collected?


Through the end of 2017, the network investment will be based on a chapter’s self-estimated revenues for the coming year and the fee-structure listed below.

Max Revenues

Network Investment














Through the development of the Chapter OS, we have learned that chapter finances and record-keeping at this point are at varying stages of development.  Additionally, these next couple of years will be a period of discovery and experimentation for all of us as we learn about and leverage a new technology platform and system for relating to one another.  So it would likely be difficult to find a more official investment determination than a chapter’s best estimate for their annual revenues.

As part of the affiliation agreement process in 2015, chapters will pledge their network investment for 2016 through 2017.  These funds will then be collected at two points during each year, in June and in December, via Nationbuilder payment processing.

Why are chapters being asked to contribute to the network financially?


We believe we are stronger together and that the health and viability of the network is worth investing in. Our growth has outpaced our current infrastructure and shared investment from the network is going to allow us to do several important things:

  • Being self-sustaining rather than relying solely on grant income gives us flexibility, stability, and autonomy.

  • Giving chapters the tools to do their work more effectively will enhance the great work already being done at the local level and increase our impact across the country.

  • Investing in shared infrastructure allows us to provide the fullest network benefits and a connection to the nationwide movement in addition to the local benefits already provided.

We see this as a turning point for YNPN. We've had success and growth over the past several years, but now it's up to us together to determine how we lay the foundation for the next 10 years.  Infrastructure is a critical piece, but so is developing a network structure that's sustainable.

We're focused on developing new revenue streams like individual giving and programs that earn income. But we also see this as a point in the network's history when we can come together to be more connected, effective, and sustainable. This is why we're asking chapters to share this investment with us.

What level of transparency will National provide to chapters now that they’re making a financial contribution to the network?


YNPN National will provide updates on the the network and the organization’s plans and activities via the following outlets:

  • Chapter leader newsletter monthly

  • Chapter Congress newsletter monthly

  • State of the Network at the conference (and shared virtually afterward)

  • Annual report

YNPN National will provide formal space for chapter feedback and decision-making via the following outlets:

  • Chapter Congress

  • Annual feedback survey distributed to chapter leaders

YNPN National will provide financial and organizational transparency via the following outlets:

  • Current and Past 990s

  • Most recent audited Financial Statements

  • Most recent Strategic Plan

  • Board member list and affiliations