Network Investment

To keep the network financially sustainable, chapters are asked to contribute to the costs of infrastructure and resources. The Network Investment is based on a chapters estimated budget size.

As part of the affiliation agreement process in 2015, chapters will pledge their network investment for 2016 through 2017.  These funds will then be collected at two points during each year in June and in December via Nationbuilder payment processing.

Max Revenues

Network Investment















How chapters raise these funds is up to each chapter. It can be done via your current budget, donations from your chapter membership, new grants requests, etc. We will do our best to help you take on new approaches via support from others who have successfully done so in the network.

Chapters can also choose to contribute above and beyond their network investment fee by:

  • Naming an amount higher than their estimated budget cap

  • Contributing to YNPN National’s annual fundraising drive

  • Declining their annual conference stipend (but still attending, of course!)

Over the next two years, we will begin working with the Chapter Congress to reflect on the Network Investment to determine whether adjustments are necessary to the rate, determination, or collection method.   

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