Jamie_Headshot_Narrow_Crop_Small.jpgJamie Smith, Executive Director Jamie Smith is YNPN's Executive Director. Prior to solely taking the helm of YNPN, Jamie was one of the 2016 Interim Co-Executive Directors and the former Communications & Network Engagement Director. In that position, she managed communications, social media, and public relations for YNPN as well as resource development and programming for our chapter leaders and members.

You can reach Jamie at jamie@ynpn.org or follow her on Twitter at @shameonseamus.

Jeff_Key_Photo.jpgJeff Key, Network Engagement Associate Jeff Key is YNPN's Network Engagement Associate. Jeff is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and currently lives in New Brunswick. He currently serves as a consultant with Nfinity Enterprises, working with a number of different nonprofit organizations on projects related to leadership training and staff development, improving nonprofit board governance practices, and helping develop partnerships for leadership opportunities in the nonprofit sector for emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds.

You can contact Jeff at jeffrey.key@ynpn.org.


Amber Cruz Mohring, National Consultant Amber Cruz Mohring provides consultancy services to YNPN through her company, ACM Consulting, in operations and event planning for the Annual Conference and Leaders Institute.

Amber Cruz Mohring has been involved in YNPN is several capacities over the last several years, including as one of YNPN's 2016 Interim Co-Executive Directors and a member of the National Board for two years. Prior to her staff role with YNPN, Amber was the Senior Strategy Officer for Convenings at Lumina Foundation.

You can reach Amber at amber@ynpn.org or follow her on Twitter at @ambermcruz.

Not sure who to reach out to? Email chaptersupport@ynpn.org and we'll get you in the right direction!