Module 3: Sustainability and Operations

Thinking about sustainability and operations 

In this module:


Once your Start Up chapter has managed to show progress in Chapter Leadership, Membership and Programs, and Website and Social Media Presence, you can start thinking on how to sustain the momentum, and start thinking about long-term strategic plans for your chapter.

The following are the kinds of infrastructure and sustainability measures chapters need to be officially affiliated with YNPN. While chapters would need a legal status to be legally affiliated with YNPN, we understand that this could be a long process. Therefore, Start-Up Chapters can apply to be recognized as a Novice Chapter as they continue to work on the following operations and sustainability goals:

Legal Status

  • To be officially affiliated with YNPN, chapters must have their own legal status. Before they can be promoted from startup to novice chapter status, chapters must have or be in the process of acquiring a legal status

Banking & Fiscal Policies

  • Chapters will be required to set up a bank account that will allow them to process money
  • Chapter will be required to develop and adhere to fiscal oversight policies 

Have a definition of membership at the local level and participate in shared local-national membership Clear & Shared Membership Policy

  • Chapters will be expected to clearly define their membership status and benefits whether paid or unpaid
  • Members of local YNPNs are members of YNPN National
  • We will have access to their data and will be able to solicit them annually for information and donations according to policies which will be spelled out

Data Management

  • Chapters will be required to have a data management strategy
  • Chapters will be required to regularly report on the areas outlined as part of the shared standards

Income Generation

  • Chapter should have a revenue generation plan

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