Module 2: Establishing a Start Up Chapter

In this module:

  • Chapter Leadership 
  • Growing your Membership 
  • Building an Online Presence

Establishing a YNPN chapter is much like growing a tree. It is an organic process that happens over time and there are many factors involved depending on the size of your community, the number of nonprofit organizations that exist, local sentiment for the sector, and the number of people who may be willing to help launch your chapter.

During the first six months to a year, Start Up chapters will be expected to show progress in the following areas:

 Chapter Leadership

  • Build a committed leadership team who meet on a regular basis
  • Develop a mission statement and agreed some goals for the chapter’s development   


  • Have a pool of potential/active chapter members
  • Schedule consistent activities for members/potential members


  • Ready to get on NationBuilder:
    • Have a social media/web presence
    • Chapter has been collecting data in a systematic way
    • Chapter has demonstrated capacity to manage NationBuilder
    • Chapter has at least 200 email addresses on its list

Once sufficient progress has been made in these areas, the Start-Up chapter will be officially recognized as a Novice chapter. 

Once a Start-Up chapter becomes a Novice chapter, the chapter can work on getting a legal status so that it can officially affiliate with YNPN National. Novice chapters will start the onboarding process for Chapter OS. 

To be officially affiliated with YNPN National, novice chapters will be expected to have a legal status. In addition to that chapters are expected to show progress in the following areas:


  • Financial management
  • Defined membership 


  • Revenue Generation
  • Partnerships

You will learn more about the processes of becoming a novice chapter in Module 3.

In the meantime, the next section will provide you with tools and resources for building your chapter leadership, membership and chapter website. 

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