Master Resource List

Looking for answers? These documents might have them!


Each section’s resources are listed in order of high-level, must-know documents to deeper, task-focused items. The logic should follow the chronological order of how you’ll onboard onto the system, with some room for difference based on how your Chapter is splitting up the work.


Onboarding and getting started






Data Cleaning


Data Importing


Making data Collection Live online


How to Organize your Data




Previous Trainings: Notes and Comments


Learn More HTML


Visual Communications Resources

Stock Photo Sources

  • StockUp (Free stock image site)

  • Death to the Stock Photo (Free stock image site that delivers monthly themed packages of really gorgeous, free-to-use photos)

  • New Old Stock (Free vintage images in the creative commons that sometimes have a modern look and feel)

  • Startup Stock Photos (Free stock photos of young people working with whiteboards and computers--very hip co-working feel)


Photo and Image Editing Tools That are FREE

  • Google Drawings (Google Support Document)

    • Don’t have Photoshop or another image editing tool? You can do a lot of fun graphic manipulation just with Google Draw (included with your Drive tools)

  • Picresizer (website)

    • Shrink your massive photos down by pixels or percentage of size

Everything Else

  • NationBuilder Knowledgebase (Document)

    • This document contains a lot of odds and ends, including questions asked by you! Can’t find it in other docs? It just might be in here.

  • 300 Awesome Free Things: A massive list of free resources you should know (If you are working with a website for a nonprofit, and you are, you need to have this bookmarked!!! It is the best resource for so many free web-apps to improve your user’s experience)

  • (website)

    • Looking to copy and paste your code someplace to check for broken tags, funky things going on with copying/pasting text, etc? Copy code in the left box. Red code usually means an error.

    • Will render your simple HTML code on the right hand side.

  • Trello (web app)

    • SUPER sweet, free, easy to use tool to organize complex projects (like building your website!!)

    • Used by one of your NIC’s working teams--proven life changer in an editorial department.

  • Using Social Media Apps

  • Using Facebook

  • Financial Filtering on NationBuilder (Document)