Lightning Talks: We want to hear from you!

Lightning Talks: We want to hear from you!

On the final day of the conference, we want to hear from you! During our last lunch together we'll be putting the spotlight on you for a rapid fire talk on a topic of your choice.

We're looking for talks that are fun, interesting, and at least loosely related to the nonprofit sector or YNPN leadership. You'll have five minutes to talk about what chapter leaders can learn from Game of Thrones; how you survived your 20s in the nonprofit sector; or anything else that you've been wanting to get off your chest about our shared experience as members of YNPN and the social sector. In terms of tone and content, think something along the lines of a blog post from Nonprofit with Balls (In case you haven't heard, Vu Le will be keynoting Day 1 of the conference!)

To be considered for a lightning talk slot, you should do the following:

1. Register for the conference by July 1. We won't consider anyone who isn't registered for the conference.

2. Record a two minute video of you discussing the topic of your talk. To be clear, you don't need to have the entire talk written now, but in this video we'd like to hear at a high level what you'd talk about and why you think it would be interesting for your fellow chapter leaders. And don't worry if it's not high-tech--you can record the video on your phone or with your webcam. Production value can be $0 as long as we can see you and hear you!

3. Email your video to Jamie at by July 15 DEADLINE EXTENDED! Send it ASAP! for review by the fellows, staff, and Conference Planning Committee. Submissions will be selected on a rolling basis, so the sooner you get your submission in, the more likely you are to be selected!