Chapter Congress connects local chapters with each other and with YNPN National around topics and issues that affect the network. Chapter Congress is a space for discussing those issues and receiving feedback and input from our chapters on the work and priorities of the network.

Chapter Congress meets every other month for 1 hour. We ask that each chapter selects a Chapter Congress representative to attend calls and be the voice of their chapter in these discussions.

In addition to attending the bi-monthly meetings, chapter reps are asked to be conduits of information between chapters and National. To help with with that, YNPN National puts together a regular Chapter Congress Rundown that Congress reps receive with information about Chapter Congress work and news they can take back to their chapters. We also welcome information from your chapters about what you’re working on and often ask reps to share that during the meetings.

Why Participate in Chapter Congress?

YNPN is a movement of motivated, emerging young leaders, and Chapter Congress plays an important role in advancing the movement. The YNPN Chapter Congress is our primary way of ensuring that every chapter has a voice in the conversations and decisions that impact the whole network.

Chapter Congress is a space for chapter leaders to build shared standards and share information and best practices across the network. Participating in Chapter Congress allows chapter leaders to further build on the skills and the lessons learned from other chapters through national-level discussions and shared projects.

Most importantly, participating in Chapter Congress allows your chapter to influence the work of the network and make sure that your chapter's voice is heard in network-wide discussions.

The Future of Chapter Congress

As local chapters and YNPN National become more closely affiliated, it's critical that we have clear structures for chapters to provide input and feedback on the work of the network. Chapter Congress has informally been the space for those discussions but both chapters and YNPN National agree that there's more potential and a need for this to become more formally organized.

In late 2015, we began to have conversations as a network about the future of Chapter Congress and how both local chapters and YNPN National can contribute to making it stronger and more effective. These conversations will continue to be a large part of the Chapter Congress' work in 2016.