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  • Stephen Barker, YNPN Chicago Communications Co-Chair
  • Sommerann McCullough, YNPN Chicago Communications Co-Chair
  • Bradley Fisher, YNPN Milwaukee Membership Co-Chair, Former Marketing Chair

February 7, 2018 

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YNPN Powerpoint Template

YNPN branded Powerpoint template

Access the template here

Tips For Staying Connected

As chapters and YNPN National embark on closer affiliation and and shared decision-making processes, clear flow of information in the network becomes more critical than ever.

This document provides tips for chapters and chapter leaders as to how they can not only stay connected to the work of the network but also actively contribute to it.


Understanding Spam

This page outlines NationBuilder's  compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003's sending guidelines and email best practices.

Understanding SPAM

A/B test your email blasts

A/B testing sends two versions of your email blast to measure which version receives the most engagement from your recipients. The winning version is then sent to the remaining recipients. Integrating testing into your email campaigns ensures that only your best content is delivered to your recipients. This page outlines the process to do A/B tests with your emails.

A/B test your email blasts

Understanding the results of your email blast

This page outlines the way to optimize your email deliverability and see high engagement levels in the stats available after you send your email. 

Understanding the results of your email blast [NationBuilder Support Site] 

Email How To's in NationBuilder

The following links will guide you on how to send email blasts through NationBuilder. 

How to Connect an Email Address to a Broadcaster

This page explains how to connect an Email address to a Broadcaster. Communication between your organization and your community is consolidated around broadcasters. When you attach an email address to a broadcaster, you can send email blasts to your community. By taking a few extra steps in setting up your broadcaster, you can also accept incoming email for a broadcaster.

How to Connect an Email Address to a Broadcaster

How to Create an Email Blast with NationBuilder

This page explains how to create an email blast with NationBuilder.

How to Create an Email Blast with NationBuilder [NationBuilder Support Site]

Member Communication via Facebook, LinkedIn and Email Lists

This 2013 document by YNPN Cleveland outlines strategic communications via social media platforms.

Strategic Communications to Members Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email Lists