Update from YNPN National on Sustainability

To my chapter leader colleagues and friends --

I recently wrote to share with you some disappointing and important news. Last month we were notified at YNPN National that one of our major grants would not be renewed. We are proud of the work we did in 2017 to fulfill this grant and received very positive feedback from the funder on what we achieved; however, the funder is taking the portfolio in a different direction and YNPN is no longer a fit for what they hope to achieve with this particular fund.

This grant made up approximately 25% of our projected revenue for 2018 and was expected at a time that was critical for our cash flow. The impact of the loss of this funding is dire and cannot be overstated.

We are sharing this news with you both because we strive to be transparent in our operations and also because the sustainability of YNPN National is critical to the effectiveness of our entire network and what we’re able to achieve together. Not only do we want to keep you informed, we also want to engage you in helping to determine how we move forward together.

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Tips & Tricks for #GivingTuesday

Last year, over 700,000 people in over 70 countries raised over $117 million for good causes--in just one day! It’s become a global phenomenon, and you don’t want to miss out.

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#GivingTuesday: Kick off the Season of Giving with YNPN

The season of giving is almost here and YNPN National is excited to be planning a #GivingTuesday Campaign on Tuesday, November 29 (the Tuesday following Thanksgiving).  Each year nonprofits around the country come together after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to officially kickoff the charitable season and use social media to power a day of giving. This one-day campaign is a great way for YNPN to showcase our network on the national stage.

Similar to the June Annual Giving Campaign, National will provide all the tools for your chapter to participate.  Building on the model we piloted through that campaign, National is seeking chapter engagement to inform the work of the Shared Fundraising Think Tank and continue developing the fundraising capacity as well as sustainability of the network.

The goals of the #GivingTuesday Campaign are to:

  • Raise awareness and brand visibility for YNPN nationally and locally,

  • Kickoff end-of-year fundraising efforts and increase revenue for the network,

  • Practice shared fundraising as well as gauge chapter readiness for individual giving efforts, and

  • Participate in a national day of giving that raises the profile of the social sector.

To learn more and sign-up your chapter to participate, click here.

Join Beth Kanter for a focus group on programming for emerging leaders!

We are excited to partner with Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and Beth Kanter on the next generation “Emerging Leaders Playbook.”  The initiative, generously funded by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, will relaunch this fall as an interactive web platform. As part of this effort, YNPN chapters and members will have a unique opportunity to receive facilitation and coaching support through an interactive leadership program in its early stages of development.

Chapter leaders are invited to join us for a virtual focus group to help shape this program and ensure it meets the needs of the intended audience -- YNPN members like you! Several prototypes are being tested, including a high-touch intensive six-month peer coaching program delivered face-to-face to a cohort of participating chapters, or a lighter touch model, which would deliver the content in shorter modules online to any YNPN member. Both delivery modules are based on train-the-trainer design in which participants are trained to deliver the content to their peers. We are looking for a group of YNPN chapters to form a cohort that gives us advice on how to provide you the tools needed to effectively adapt the program for your community.

The Playbook web platform will offer continuous content to support YNPN members and any emerging nonprofit leader participating in the leadership development program to improve their skills in areas such as: self-awareness and reflective practice; understanding leadership styles; self-management and mindfulness; facilitate listening; asking powerful questions; meeting facilitation and more.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this resource to our network and hope you’ll join us to learn more, share your perspectives, and find out how to shape the program to your chapter.

Contact Amber Cruz Mohring at if you have questions! Please make sure your program chair or the person who is most familiar with your programming is available to participate.  Update 10/24: This session has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 2nd at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.  Check the Training & Events Calendar for more information.

2016 Think Tanks Part II: Shared Fundraising and Job Board

Think Tanks are ad hoc groups of chapter leaders, National Board members, and National staff who come together to develop solutions for the network. A more accurate name for these groups would be “Think and Do Tanks” because the goal is that their work will result in concrete, actionable next steps for the network.

We piloted the Think Tank model earlier this year to help address the feedback that we received from chapters around the affiliation agreement and to move toward more co-creative processes between chapters and National. Based on the success of these think tanks, we have identified two new groups to come together and think about issues facing the network: Shared Fundraising and Job Board.

The Shared Fundraising Think Tank will develop a framework for shared fundraising between National and chapters, considering the following questions:

  • How can a shared fundraising model increase the sustainability of the network?
  • What fundraising approach would be consistent with the values of the network and create space for collaboration between chapters and National?

The Job Board Think Tank will develop a proposal for a national job board, considering the following questions:

  • What value can a YNPN national job board offer to members, chapters and National?
  • What capacity will it require to launch? Will it yield a return on investment?
  • How does a job board advance talent development in the social sector and align with YNPN’s mission?

The Think Tanks will meet from June to November 2016.  For more information on the timeline and background of each think tank, please read this overview.  Contact Amber Cruz Mohring at by July 1st to join.

Lightning Talks: We want to hear from you!

On the final day of the conference, we want to hear from you! During our last lunch together we'll be putting the spotlight on you for a rapid fire talk on a topic of your choice.

We're looking for talks that are fun, interesting, and at least loosely related to the nonprofit sector or YNPN leadership. You'll have five minutes to talk about what chapter leaders can learn from Game of Thrones; how you survived your 20s in the nonprofit sector; or anything else that you've been wanting to get off your chest about our shared experience as members of YNPN and the social sector. In terms of tone and content, think something along the lines of a blog post from Nonprofit with Balls (In case you haven't heard, Vu Le will be keynoting Day 1 of the conference!)

To be considered for a lightning talk slot, you should do the following:

1. Register for the conference by July 1. We won't consider anyone who isn't registered for the conference.

2. Record a two minute video of you discussing the topic of your talk. To be clear, you don't need to have the entire talk written now, but in this video we'd like to hear at a high level what you'd talk about and why you think it would be interesting for your fellow chapter leaders. And don't worry if it's not high-tech--you can record the video on your phone or with your webcam. Production value can be $0 as long as we can see you and hear you!

3. Email your video to Jamie at by July 15 DEADLINE EXTENDED! Send it ASAP! for review by the fellows, staff, and Conference Planning Committee. Submissions will be selected on a rolling basis, so the sooner you get your submission in, the more likely you are to be selected!

Join the Conference Inclusion Committee!

We're forming a group of chapter leaders to identify ways we can make the 2016 conference more diverse and inclusive. No experience in event planning or planning inclusive events is required, although it is welcome! We would also like to make sure that there are at least a few committee members who have attended the conference in the past.

Some of the topics this committee might cover:

  • How to make the conference more welcoming and inclusive
  • Adjustments we might want to make to the physical facilities, such as designating gender neutral bathrooms and a nursing room, or arranging rooms to be wheelchair accessible
  • Developing a conference code of conduct and/or guidelines for discussing sensitive issues like race and identity

If you're interested in participating in this committee, please reach out to Jamie at


We've heard before that many nonprofits work in silos. Imagine being a young person trying to grow their career in these silos. For many chapter leaders, this is a familiar story. Some of you might have not founded chapters, but you found your chapter because of the same motivations of why young people across the country want to connect with other young people in the sector.

Every month YNPN gets up to ten requests to start a chapter in a new city to join our growing network of 42 chapters (projected to be 50 official chapters by the end of this year!), and 26 start-up chapters across the country. Some of them have had contact with YNPN Chapters in cities they previously lived. They have seen how YNPN Chapters affect their city and want to bring the same to their new cities.

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Be Part of the Movement: Join YNPN Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

We are looking for chapter leaders committed to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within their chapters and the national network. You will work with your fellow chapter leaders and National staff in setting EDI priorities for the network, as well as create spaces for chapter leaders to come together to talk about EDI work happening in their local chapters. 

Learn more about what the EDI committee did last year here

Join the committee here

Have questions and suggestions? Email Hafizah Omar at 

Tell your YNPN Story (and raise some money while you're at it!)

For the last two years, YNPN National has held an annual giving campaign to raise funds to support the work of the network. We know that raising funds is on the minds of many chapters as we continue the affiliation process and begin collecting the Network Investment Fee from chapters for the first time.

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