Benefits of Chapter Leadership

Professional Development

Being a chapter leader is a great opportunity for you to develop new skills or build on skills and interests that you have.

As a YNPN chapter leader, you're running a small nonprofit organization in your spare time. You may think of the work you do on your local board as just getting the job done, but in the process you are developing meaningful (and marketable) skills.

Some of the skills you might develop as a Chapter Leader include:

  • Strategic planning experience
  • Management and collaborations skills
  • Communications and market experience
  • Membership management and customer service abilities
  • Fundraising skills

Being Part of the National Network: Connecting with Other Chapter Leaders

There are several opportunities to connect with other chapter leaders to improve your skills and grow your network.

Program XChanges

Program XChanges are held twice a month, and is a platform for Chapter Leaders to come together to share their programs and events. Past Program XChange topics  include mentorship programs, signature events, book clubs, and fundraising events.

Chapter Congress

Chapter Congress is the forum used to connect local YNPN chapters with YNPN National around topics and issues that affect the YNPN network.

National Conference

Every year, YNPN National, in partnership with a local chapter, hosts an annual conference which brings together YNPN leaders from across the country for three days of networking, professional development, and chapter collaboration.

Leaders' Site

The Leaders' Site allows chapter leaders to share resources and connect with each other, and serves as another place for chapter leaders' voices can be heard.

Thought Leadership

We also welcome chapter leaders to take advantage of opportunities for thought leadership in the sector:

  • Writing for the YNPN National website or your local chapter website

  • Contributing writing or resources to the leaders site

  • Writing for or connecting with other YNPN National partners like the Nonprofit Quarterly

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