Getting Officially Affiliated with YNPN

If a Novice chapter feels ready to be officially affiliated with YNPN, chapters will need to: 

  • sign an Affiliation Agreement that will carry through the end of the fiscal year then renewed on an annual basis.
  • transition onto the NationBuilder platform by importing chapter data and building our website.
  • be on the path to being recognized as a legal entity in their state (if they are not already) and be able to process financial transactions.
  • have a clearer sense of their strengths and immediate strategic priorities for growth.
  • have made significant progress toward defining membership and be on track to launch a membership program within three months of coming onboard.

Throughout this process, YNPN National will provide resources such as group trainings and written guides to walk chapters through the processes they need to accomplish the above stated goals. YNPN National will also provide technical assistance to chapters as necessary.


YNPN National Technical Assistance

Technological Infrastructure

  • NationBuilder
  • Maestroconference 

Training and Peer Learning Spaces

  • National Conference
  • Workshops and trainings led by YNPN National and/or national experts
  • Program Xchanges
  • Technical Assistance for chapters
  • Leaders site and resource library 

 Tools for Data and Impact Measurement

  • Shared standards
  • Impact indicators
  • Aggregated Data
  • 1:1 Technical Assistance 

Connection to the YNPN Network and Brand

  • Framing and Guiding Documents, like the Theory of Change and Five Pillars of Leadership Development, and Branding and Messaging guides
  • Media and public relations work done by YNPN National on behalf of the network that raises visibility of YNPN (examples: partnerships with NPQ, coverage in Stanford Social Innovation Review and Chronicle of Philanthropy, speaking at national conferences and events) 

Professional Development Opportunities Specifically for Chapter Leaders

  • Opportunities that occur through participation in the work of the National network: Access to training and resources, participation in Chapter Congress or other specialized work, opportunities to speak at the National Conference

 Continuity and Knowledge Management

  • Being a volunteer-run organization means that all chapters experience highs and lows in their chapter leader engagement and activity.  Connection with the national network and technology platform means that if your chapter experiences a lull in activity - planned or unplanned - you have outside support to keep you going and a place to keep your data in the meantime.

Using the Resource Library


Learn how to use the resource library here!


Connecting With Other Chapters

With over 35 established chapters, these chapters are great resources for Start Up chapters.  Many of these chapters have been through the process, learned from their mistakes, and can provide some helpful tips and best practices.

YNPN National encourages chapters to reach out and network with each other and hosts a leaders list serv, a Leaders Newsletter, national conference calls and webinars, and a national conference to help chapters meet and network. National will also facilitate introductions with specific chapters as might be helpful to aid Start Up chapters’ development.

Being Part of the National Network: Connecting with Other Chapter Leaders 

Program XChanges

Program XChanges are held twice a month, and is a platform for Chapter Leaders to come together to share their programs and events. Past Program XChange topics  include mentorship programs, signature events, book clubs, and fundraising events.

National Conference

Every year, YNPN National, in partnership with a local chapter, hosts an annual conference which brings together YNPN leaders from across the country for three days of networking, professional development, and chapter collaboration.

Leaders' Site

The Leaders' Site allows chapter leaders to share resources and connect with each other, and serves as another place for chapter leaders' voices can be heard. 

Chapter Congress

Chapter Congress is the forum used to connect local YNPN chapters with YNPN National around topics and issues that affect the YNPN network. 

Chapter Congress Overview

Chapter Congress connects YNPN chapters with YNPN National around topics and issues that affect the network. Congress is a space for discussing those issues and receiving feedback from our chapters on the work and priorities of the network.

Each chapter selects a chapter congress representative (and one alternate) as the point person for YNPN National. Congress meets every other month for 1 hour. Usually the calls are on Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET.

In addition to attending the bi-monthly meetings, chapter reps are asked to be conduits of information between chapters and National. We put together a regular Chapter Congress rundown that Congress reps receive with information about Chapter Congress work and news they can take back to the chapters. We also welcome information from your chapters about what you’re working on and often ask reps to share that during the meetings.


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