In December 2015 after feedback from chapter leaders, YNPN National made the decision to postpone the signing of the affiliation agreement so that revisions and improvements to the agreement could be made. Currently those improvements are under way. This page provides an overview of the work being done as well as a timeline for its completion and the expected signing of the affiliation agreement.

Work in Progress

  • Chapter leaders, National Board members, and staff have come together to form Think Tanks on decision-making and transparency. These groups will be developing proposals in each of these areas and gathering feedback from chapters with the goal of adding these proposals to the final version of the affiliation agreement.
  • A group of chapter leader attorneys is helping with revisions to the legal language and formatting of the document
  • Other formatting and language changes are being made to improve the clarity of the document
  • National staff and board members are responding to questions from chapter leaders and developing supplemental materials to help clarify portions of the Chapter OS

To help visualize and understand which parts of the agreement specifically are being changed, we've annotated the 2015 version of the affiliation agreement to show chapters where changes are being considered and what those changes are or might be.


January 2016

  • Reviewing and organizing feedback from chapters
  • Call with the network to talk about next steps with affiliation

February 2016

  • National Board calls with chapters
  • Launching Think Tanks and group of chapter leader attorneys to help with improving/revising the agreement
  • National staff responds to questions from chapters
  • Chapter Congress meeting to discuss transparency and decision-making

March 2016

  • National Board calls with chapters continue
  • Think Tanks and attorneys kickoff their work
  • First Chapter OS onboarding class of 2016

April 2016

  • Chapter Congress call to discuss work of the Think Tanks, provide an update on changes made to the affiliation agreement so far, and report out from the National Board on their retreat
  • Think Tanks continue their work

May 2016

  • Chapters pledge their Network Investment for 2016
  • Think Tanks continue their work
  • Continued revisions to the affiliation agreement

June 2016

  • Chapter Congress Call: Think Tanks present their proposals on decision-making & transparency for review and feedback
  • Final Chapter OS onboarding class for established chapters begins (Future onboarding classes will be held on an as-needed basis for startups)
  • (Anticipated) Final affiliation agreement presented to chapters for review by June 30


  • Chapters reviewing the affiliation agreement


  • Discussions at National Conference about affiliation
  • Chapters reviewing the affiliation agreement
  • Think Tanks meet to plan for execution of their proposals in 2017


  • (Anticipated Deadline) Chapters sign the affiliation agreement by September 30
  • Chapters begin submitting their Network Investment


  • Chapters continue submitting their Network Investment
  • Chapters begin synching data with YNPN National


  • (Anticipated) Deadline for chapters to pay their Network Investment for 2016 on November 30
  • Remaining chapters begin synching data with YNPN National


  • Chapters pledge their network investments for 2017
  • Chapter Congress Call: Retrospective on work accomplished this year and plans for executing Think Tank proposals