Why we signed on as a Chapter OS pilot, and why we’re glad we did

Why we signed on as a Chapter OS pilot, and why we’re glad we did

portland-300x300.jpgAs a YNPN chapter looking forward to its 3rd birthday, YNPN Portland was enthusiastic about the Chapter Operating System process.

A new website? A DATABASE? Did someone say DATABASE? Someone to coach us through setting goals around membership and deciding on our legal status (to c3, to not c3)? AMAZING, sign us up.

I don’t know about other chapters, but YNPN Portland tends to attract people who want to do things well, and that’s been great, but it also means we can drag our feet. Should we? Shouldn’t we? What is the best way?  The Chapter OS process has provided us deadlines and just the right amount of pressure to make key decisions and move forward.

Along with the tangible products and services that connect us to YNPN National and other chapters, we’ve discovered serious benefits to aligning our chapter with other aspects of the National movement. We are looking to the Five Pillars of Leadership Development to guide our programming decisions, and are excited that future standards for chapters will include a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, because this is a priority for our chapter.

Whether it’s a database and website, or pillars, we are constantly finding new and exciting benefits to being part of this national Network. It lends credibility to our organization when we are working with other organizations in Portland.

Knowing how hard our Board and Committee members work to make YNPN Portland amazing is really remarkable, but it is absolutely astounding when you think of the same thing happening in more than 30 communities across the country. That is really, really powerful, and in a time when it feels like time-tested grassroots movements are hard to come by, it is an honor to be a part of one with a long history and bright future.





Kate Elliott is the Board Chair of YNPN Portland. You can read more about Kate on the YNPN Portland site.