Why do we need a membership plan?


Has this ever happened to you? You’re at a networking event discussing YNPN when someone chimes in to say “Yeah, I think I’m a member of that, or I was once.” Conversations like these are why we need a membership plan.

By developing formal membership plans, we’re connecting the individuals we serve with a community and a mission. Bringing individuals onboard as members of YNPN is also an important step toward further involvement in YNPN, like board service or becoming a donor.

Additionally, bringing the network on to NationBuilder means that we have an unprecedented opportunity to collect data that will help us assess YNPN’s impact both locally and nationally. In order for us to utilize the full the potential of NationBuilder, we need to collect information from the people we serve and define who we are serving. The easiest and most logical way to do that is to ask those people to go through a membership enrollment process.