Q & A with Drew Elliott, YNPN Kansas City Chapter Congress Rep

Q & A with Drew Elliott, YNPN Kansas City Chapter Congress Rep

ynpnkc-300x300.jpgDuring last month’s Chapter Congress call, we asked our reps for feedback on the level of awareness and interest in the national network among their chapters leaders and members, with the goal of finding ways to better integrate our local and national work.

We followed up with Drew Elliott, the Chapter Congress representative from YNPNkc, to hear about his chapter’s experiences integrating work with the national network into their local routine.

How long have you been involved with YNPNkc?

It’s been just a few short months, but YNPNkc has been a great resource. We’re a group being led by long-time and new members. It’s exciting to see the different perspectives together in the same room.

Tell us about your chapter. Where have you been and where are you headed?

We’re still a chapter that’s trying to find our place in Kansas City, but we’re excited to take the next step. We struggle with finding the right formula to grow our local support, but that’s one of the reasons we’re looking to the national level.

How do you see YNPN and the national network fitting in to your plans?

It’s important for us stay engaged with National and other chapters; we can learn so much from others in the network. We can’t create and test every idea, so we love hearing about other success stories. We plan on attending the national conference and look forward to networking with others this June.

You’re currently serving as YNPNkc’s Chapter Congress representative. What qualities do you think are important to bring to the role?

I think the most important quality is consistency. As a national group linked by phones and the web, it’s vital to have the same voice on the calls representing your chapter. We need to work on building relationships across the country so we can tap in to the knowledge of others.

How does Kansas City make space for Congress in its routines?

It’s pretty simple. During each monthly meeting, I share an update from the previous month’s emails or meeting. If a situation arises that needs more attention, I’ll email the group to discuss. When we need more information, we search the website first, and we know we can always contact someone from YNPN National to fill us in.

How do you select your Congress representative?

Our chapter takes the role very seriously. We added the Congress representative role to our election process and someone had to be nominated and elected. At first, we did change reps several times — we weren’t sure what to expect or who would be a good fit.

How do you keep YNPN members in Kansas City aware of what’s going on with the national network?

We try to take content from National and share with our chapter members in eblasts or on social media.

What would you like to see next from the network?

We like the idea of a regional conference. For some, the cost of travel (even though YNPN gives a great stipend) to the national conference may still be prohibitive. Something specific to our region where members could jump in the car and go would be a great alternative.

Thanks to Drew for sharing his & YNPNkc’s experiences with us! If you’re interested in learning more about Chapter Congress or getting involved, reach out to congress@ynpn.org. As a reminder, our next Chapter Congress call will be on June 18.