Dashboards, Data, and Maps, Oh My!

Dashboards, Data, and Maps, Oh My!

little-rock-logo-300x75.jpgThe Little Rock chapter is excited to be selected as a pilot chapter for the new Chapter Operating System and have the chance to collect data that demonstrates the impact that we know we’re having.

In 2010, we began our chapter with five young individuals ready to take over the world by starting to make an impact in La Petite Roche. Since then our membership has grown to over 450 young nonprofit professionals hosting nine events annually on a shoestring budget. As an emerging chapter, we have seen a lot of growth in our five years and experienced a lot of growing pains. Questions began to arise such as how do we continue providing quality free events for a growing diverse membership base and how do we recruit and retain members?

spreadsheetbatman-300x225.jpgWithout quality data management, it was hard to gather or even know what data points to collect in order to determine the next steps for taking our chapter to the next level. Before being selected as a pilot chapter for the Chapter OS, we collected and compiled membership information via several spreadsheets and a collection of sign-in sheets. I know many of you know that is neither sustainable nor effective.

With an amazing new Outreach Director, we’ve begun to do the hard work of gleaning through our membership lists and moving to the new database Nationbuilder provides. Just think: our members will now be able to register for events on our new website which will then be automatically connected to our database! We’ll also be able to track who’s coming to what events, where our members work and if we have an event in the middle of the day we can tailor the location to

criteria-words-wordcloud-2-300x151.pngaccommodate the members registered for said event. This allows us to get more members involved and for us to tailor our events to people’s interest.

From what we’ve seen of NationBuilder so far, we’re thrilled to finally be able to collect and measure membership engagement in a way that meets our chapter’s and members’ needs!