2016 Think Tanks Part II: Shared Fundraising and Job Board

2016 Think Tanks Part II: Shared Fundraising and Job Board

Think Tanks are ad hoc groups of chapter leaders, National Board members, and National staff who come together to develop solutions for the network. A more accurate name for these groups would be “Think and Do Tanks” because the goal is that their work will result in concrete, actionable next steps for the network.

We piloted the Think Tank model earlier this year to help address the feedback that we received from chapters around the affiliation agreement and to move toward more co-creative processes between chapters and National. Based on the success of these think tanks, we have identified two new groups to come together and think about issues facing the network: Shared Fundraising and Job Board.

The Shared Fundraising Think Tank will develop a framework for shared fundraising between National and chapters, considering the following questions:

  • How can a shared fundraising model increase the sustainability of the network?
  • What fundraising approach would be consistent with the values of the network and create space for collaboration between chapters and National?

The Job Board Think Tank will develop a proposal for a national job board, considering the following questions:

  • What value can a YNPN national job board offer to members, chapters and National?
  • What capacity will it require to launch? Will it yield a return on investment?
  • How does a job board advance talent development in the social sector and align with YNPN’s mission?

The Think Tanks will meet from June to November 2016.  For more information on the timeline and background of each think tank, please read this overview.  Contact Amber Cruz Mohring at amber@ynpn.org by July 1st to join.